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Introducing an EPA-compliant, patented, commercially-tested, organic additive that drastically reduces emissions while increasing uptime and mileage

Ecofuel Additives Announces Commercial and Industrial Launch in North America

Meeting and exceeding California’s 2030 environmental goals and global minimum requirements

Launching in North America: The Epicenter of Emissions

Adapting Seamlessly to Regulatory Changes

California is leading the way by mandating all industrial and commercial diesel engines reduce CO₂ and NOx emissions by 80%. Recognizing California as the pioneer in environmental standards, Ecofuel Additives is here to help businesses meet and exceed the newest and strictest emission guidelines essential for continued, uninterrupted operations.

View California's Full Mandate
A Lifeline: Drastic Reduction in Harmful Emissions

Unlocking Time for Better Environmental Solutions

Our additive substantially reduces emissions, eliminating billions of tons of CO₂ within five years. Continuing to use a better version of diesel gives greater runway – from researchers to industry leaders – to research, develop, and adopt long-lasting, effective environmental solutions.

The Inevitable Transition: Being Proactive to Sustainability

Preparation Over Reaction

We’re in a crisis, and being clear about our circumstances is key to staying ahead. We equip key diesel industry leaders to anticipate and adapt to future challenges head-on. Ecofuel Additives is the strategy that significantly reduces emissions, increases mileage, and minimizes the financial risks for businesses.

Performance Metrics: A Win-Win for Industrial Partners

Immediate Gains in Uptime, Mileage, and Maintenance

We’re redefining what it means to use fuel responsibly. Our additive not only reduces maintenance costs and extends engine life, but it also improves operational efficiency. These benefits are secondary to the transformative impact we’re making on the global environmental landscape. Put simply: We are the ideal option for engine health and environmental wealth.

Initiate the Transition and Adapt

Secure Our Shared Future

Learn more about how Ecofuel Additives will be a key component in aligning your operations with upcoming industrial and environmental regulations.

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